Champagne Taste Lemonade Money

“Indeed, the album – at times brassy and bombastic, others spacious and reflective – is impossible to pigeonhole, its consistency deriving from the emotional flow rather than any sonic homogeneity.
Think of the most decadent Hollywood star you can, then imagine them getting married for the fourth (or is it fifth?) time to some dissolute countess in a sprawling Provençal chateau, then The Invisible Orchestra would be the wedding band invited along – a day early, with some casualties – to soundtrack that balmy Mediterranean evening of A-list debauchery, filling the pink skies with stridently lush arrangements. It’s polished enough not to fall apart, smudged enough to swing.”
– The Quietus

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From big, bad funk and soul, Jazz, heartfelt ballads and summery Latin vibes to wild Arabic punk, orchestral instrumental gems and super catchy hooks, The Invisible Orchestra’s debut album ‘Champagne Taste Lemonade Money’ uses the 24 person strong ensemble of musicians to full effect.

With 4 guest vocals on the album including Harleighblu (Tru-thoughts) and The Natural-ites Percydread, a full on rhythm section, pumping double bass, guitars, a Grammy award winning Hammond organist, piano, 11 piece brass and a string section as standard and using no session musicians throughout. Passion, talent, song-craft and energy is at the forefront on this debut album for the tour de-force band.

Recorded entirely at VADA residential recording Studios, Worcester

Gareth Cousins (Mixing):
House engineer at Abbey Road Studios and has worked with Elvis Costello, Sting, The Stranglers, Syd Barrett, The Orb, Blur, The Buzzcocks. Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, The Stone Roses and many more. Also mixed film scores including Gravity, War of The Worlds, Fury, Black Mass, The Worlds End and more…

Matt Terry (Producer and owner at VADA Studios Worcester):
The Prodigy, The Enemy, Royal Shakespeare Company and many more.
Mastered by Robin Junga at KJAMM.